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  • Rights of Probationary Employees

    NEASO Guide
    Probationary Employees

    Welcome to NEASO!

    Congratulations on your employment with the National Education Association, America’s largest union, representing 3.2 million education employees!

    You are also now a member of the National Education Association Staff Organization (NEASO), NEA’s largest staff union, with more than 350 members located in NEA headquarters in Washington, DC, NEA Member Benefits in Gaithersburg, and regional offices throughout the United States.  Additionally, you are part of the National Staff Organization (NSO), which represents national and state education association staff throughout the United States.

    As a member, please review your NEASO constitution and collective bargaining agreement with NEA to become familiar with your rights and responsibilities.

    An elected Board of Directors, Shop Stewards, committee members and a host of other member volunteers are available to assist you with workplace challenges.

    In addition, you may stop by the NEASO office and speak with NEASO staff, or call for assistance:

    NEA Headquarters
    1201 16th Street NW
    Level B2 
    Washington DC 20036
    (202) 822-7895.

    Exercise your NEASO contract rights:

    If you are called into a meeting by management, which could result in reprimand or discipline:

    -     Immediately contact NEASO
    -     Request a NEASO Representative
    -     Do not discuss issues until your NEASO Rep. arrives
    -     Do not resign
    -     Do not respond to allegations
    -     Do not sign anything
    -     Ask questions, clarify purpose
    -     Be polite and courteous

    Remember:  NEASO is here to serve you and protect your rights.



    A worker within the NEASO/NEA Collective Bargaining Agreement definition of either “Probationary” regular and “Probationary” part-time employment in (Art. 7, Sec. 1(a), (b)) has the following rights or express restrictions in that Agreement.

    1. Nondiscrimination.  Nondiscrimination in employment based on their race, color, creed, sex, marital status, life-style, sexual preference, age, national origin, physical disability, political belief or affiliation, membership in the Union, or participation in lawful activities of the Union unless either of the later two may prevent the employee from doing his or her work for NEA.  (Art. 5)
    2. Equal Pay for Equal Work.  (Art. 5)
    3. No Reprisals.  No reprisals for activity provided for in the Agreement or in any NEA personnel policy.  (Art. 5)
    4. Signed Expectations.  Written performance expectations, signed by the employee and manager, within 10 days of employment.  (Art. 8, Sec. 1) (Right upheld in NEASO Arbitration Award issued Feb. 2, 2007)
    5. Two Progress Reviews.  Informal progress review conducted at least twice during the probationary period. (Art. 8, Sec. 1), (Right upheld in NEASO Arbitration Award issued Feb. 2, 2007)
    6. Scheduled Meetings.  Scheduled time for progress reviews meetings between the employee and manager as determined during their initial meeting.  (Art. 8, Sec. 1)
    7. Performance Expectations.  Written and signed expectations with manager copying HR and to the employee.  (Art. 8, Sec. 1), (Right upheld in NEASO Arbitration Award issued Feb. 2, 2007)
    8. Progress Reviews.  Written progress reviews, signed by both parties, within 10 days of the meeting, with the employee and the manager ensuring copies to HR and to the employee (Art. 8, Sec. 1)
    9. Nine Months Probationary Period.  (Art. 8, Sec. (a))Employees shall serve nine (9) months of probation. NEA and the Union may agree in writing to extend in writing to extend the probation of an employee
    10. Bereavement Leave.  A probationary employee shall be granted up to three days of bereavement leave.  (Art. 14, Part G, Sec. 1)
    11. Leave without Pay.  Probationary employee may be granted up to 6 months leave without pay that shall not be denied except for good reason, and shall continue for the entire period an employee is receiving benefits under the long-term disability benefits program.  (Art. 14, Part H, Sec. 2)

      Time spent by an employee on leave without pay shall not be counted as time worked for purposes of accruing any benefits under this Agreement nor shall such time be included in determining the employee’s seniority or his/her completion of the probationary period. (Art. 14, Part H, Sec. 3 (a))

    12. Other Rights.  Except as to matters in items 4-10 above, rights accorded elsewhere in the Agreement.  (Art. 8, Sec. 2 (b))
    13. Discipline for Any Cause.  NEA may discipline a probationary employee for any cause.  (Art. 8, Sec. 5)
    14. Discharge for Any or No Cause, Except Discrimination.  NEA at its discretion may discharge a probationary employee for any cause or no cause, except as for nondiscrimination in Art. 5.  (Art. 8, Sec. 5); Art. 17, Sec. 1(b))
    15. Progressive Discipline.  NEA shall observe progressive discipline, except with just cause for immediate discharge.  (Art. 17, Sec. 3))
    16. Meeting to Discuss Disciplinary Matter.  A meeting shall occur prior to imposing discipline. (Art. 17, Sec. 3)(b))
      1. NEA shall meet with the employee to discuss the problem or incident giving rise to the discipline, prior to imposing any discipline.
      2. NEA shall send the Union a copy of the meeting notification.
      3. Prior to that meeting, NEA shall inform the employee of his/her right to have a NEASO representative present.
      4. If the employee expresses that desire, NEA shall give the employee a reasonable opportunity to contact the NEASO and arrange for a representative.
      5. NEA shall give the employee an opportunity to refute the basis for the disciplinary action or give an explanation for the problem or incident.
      6. Following the imposition of any discipline, NEA shall discuss with the employee any corrective action required or improvement expected.
    1. Layoff Notice.  In the event of employee layoffs, NEA shall give a probationary employee 48 hours notice before the layoff becomes effective, or the employee is entitled to full pay and benefits during the period of defective.  (Art. 18, Sec. 6)


    Probationary and other NEASO members have a right to NEASO representation in protection of their employment rights.  All employees should be knowledgeable of their rights in the NEASO/NEA Collective Bargaining Agreement, available online at



    The purpose of the probationary period (9 months) is to enable both the new employee and NEA to determine if they desire to continue the employment relationship.  NEA views this period as a time for candid appraisal of the employee’s skills, abilities and performance as well as assessment of how the employee fits within NEA.  NEA may discipline a probationary employee for any cause and may discharge a probationary employee for any cause or no cause.

    Department Name: ______________________            

    Employment Date: _______________________

    * Contact your NEASO Shop Steward (or Chief Shop Steward if there is not a Shop Steward in your Department)

    * Receive written performance expectations from manager within ten (10) days of employment and schedule at least two informal progress reviews during the probationary period.             

    Date performance expectation due by: _________________

    Schedule of informal progress review meetings:
                1st Meeting:_______________             

                2nd Meeting: _______________

    * Receive written summary review within ten (10) days of first review meeting.
                Due by ________

    * Receive written summary review within ten (10) days of second review meeting.
                Due by ________


    NEASO Resources at Headquarters

    Your Shop Steward____________________________, (ext. ________)
    President:  Robin L. McLean (ext. 7713)
    Chief Shop Steward:  Erika Taylor (ext.7827)
    Grievance Committee Chair: Brian Beallor (ext. 7635)
    NEASO Office: 
    Office Manager: Jean Mondejar (ext. 7808)

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