• May 25, 2020
    • We did it, NEASO!

      More than ninety-five percent (95.3%) of NEASO members voted to accept the agreement on a new salary scale, NEASO announced March 26. 

      The vote, which took place over 24 hours, was the first to be conducted entirely online by NEASO. The new salary scale will be in effect until March 31, 2021.

      Thank you to each and every member who voted. Your visible and vocal support of our bargaining team throughout the process made all the difference,

      And thank you to our dedicated and shrewd bargaining team, led by Joe Morice. He, along with President Robin McLean, Mary Alice Heretick, Andy Jewell, Stephanie Barnett, Dave Coble, Nzinga Damali-Cathie and Linda Davin, negotiated an agreement that benefits each of us.


      To:                   NEASO Members

      From:               NEASO Elections Committee

      Date:               March 3, 2020


      2020 NSO Representative Assembly Delegates

      NEASO is calling for nominations for delegates to the 2020 National Staff Organization (NSO) Representative Assembly (RA).  The NSO RA will meet on June 12 and 13, 2020 in Atlanta, GA.

      The NSO RA is an annual gathering of voting representatives from NSO’s state affiliates to elect officers, share information and set priorities for the coming year.  As a delegate, you will have the opportunity to meet other NSO members from across the country, weigh in on pressing union issues, and learn more about the NSO.

      All NEASO members in good standing are eligible to be nominated for and elected to the RA delegation.

      The RA delegation will also include NEASO President Robin L McLean, HQ-Vice President Jessica Brinkley, MB-Vice President Guy Kendall-Freas, Secretary Christine Guevara, and Treasurer Timothy Reed, each of whom have been elected to serve as both NEASO Officer and NSO delegate.  NEASO members will elect the remainder of the delegates by a secret ballot election on Wednesday, April 15, 2020

      To nominate a NEASO member for the NSO RA delegate election, complete and return the enclosed/attached nomination form by midnight on Monday, March 23, 2020.  Forms may be returned by U.S. Mail to NEASO, PO Box 66806, Washington DC 20036; by Fax to (888) 377-4228; by hand to Jean Mondejar in the NEASO Office.  Both nominator and nominee must be members in good standing of NEASO.  Signatures of both the nominator and nominee are required for the nomination to be considered valid. 

      You may also nominate a NEASO member for the NSO RA by electronic mail. The following rules apply to electronic mail nominations:

      1)         The nomination must be sent from the nominator’s work e-mail address (i.e. from the nominator’s  NEA and NEA Member Benefits Corporation work e-mail) and state the name of the nominee and the position he or she is being nominated for or include the completed official nomination form as an attachment;

      2)         The nominee must accept the nomination from his/her work e-mail address;

      3)         The nominator and nominee must e-mail Jean Mondejar, NEASO Office Manager, at jmondejar@nea.org with the nomination/acceptance of the nomination; and,

      4)         Nominations, as well as the acceptance thereof, are due by midnight on Monday, March 23, 2020.

      All nominations are due by midnight on Monday, March 23, 2020.  Nominees have until Monday, March 30th to withdraw from the ballot once nominated.  

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