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  • Notice of Election
    Updated On: Sep 24, 2019



    To:       NEASO Members

    From:   NEASO Elections Committee

    Date:   September 24, 2019


    The annual election of Officers and Directors will be held Tuesday, November 5, 2019. The following positions are open for election:

    HQ Vice-President – 2 year term

    MB Vice-President – 2 year term
    Secretary – 2 year term

    Director (MB) – 2 year term
    Director (HQ) – 2 year term

    Director (HQ) – 2 year term

    Director (HQ) – 2 year term

    Director (HQ) – 2 year term

    Director (HQ) – 1 year term (Partial)

    HQ and MB Vice Presidents and Secretary will be elected by a vote of all NEASO members. One (1) Director representing the NEA Member Benefits bargaining unit will be elected by MB members.  Five (5) (4 – full and 1 – partial) Directors representing the NEA Headquarters bargaining unit will be elected by NEA Headquarters members.

    NSO RA Delegates

    The NEASO Constitution and Bylaws provides that the President, Vice Presidents, Treasurer and Secretary will serve as delegates to the National Staff Organization (NSO) Representative Assembly for the duration of their terms. Therefore, when voting for the President and Treasurer elected office, members will also be voting to elect two (2) delegates to the 2020 and 2021 NSO Representative Assemblies.

    Election Date and Locations

    The election will take place by secret ballot vote on Tuesday, November 5 at NEA Headquarters in Washington, D.C. and NEA Member Benefits in Gaithersburg, MD.

    Absentee Ballots

    Members unable to cast their votes at the designated polling locations on November 5 can obtain an absentee ballot by contacting the NEASO office.  (Email: jmondejar@nea.org or call 202-822-7808) Absentee ballots will be available from the NEASO office starting Friday, October 25.  Members who receive absentee ballots may not cast their votes at the designated polling locations on November 5. Completed absentee ballots must be received by close of business at the NEASO post office box (see below) by Monday, November 4.

    To cast an absentee ballot, one must mail it to NEASO Post Office Box 66806, Washington, DC 20036. Completed absentee ballots will not be accepted at the NEASO office.

    Nomination Procedures

    Candidates for NEASO office must be nominated by an active member and the enclosed form must be returned to the NEASO Office by close of business on Friday, October 4.

    Signatures of both the nominator and the nominee are required on the nomination form for the nomination to be considered valid. The nominator and nominee are solely responsible for the completion and accuracy of the nomination form.

    You may also nominate a NEASO member by electronic mail. The following rules apply to electronic mail nominations:

    1)         The nomination must be sent from the nominator’s work e-mail address (i.e. either   from the nominator’s NEA or NEA’s Member Benefits Corporation email account), and state the name of the nominee and the position he or she is being nominated for or include the completed official nomination form as an attachment;

    2)         The nominee must accept the nomination from his/her work e-mail address;

    3)         The nominator and nominee must e-mail Jean Mondejar, NEASO Office Manager, at jmondejar@nea.org with the nomination/acceptance of the nomination; and,

    4)         Nominations, as well as the acceptance thereof, are due by close of business on Friday, October 4.

    To be eligible for candidacy, a nominee must be a NEASO member in good standing from the appropriate bargaining unit. In addition, Officers and Directors may serve up to two (2) consecutive full terms, or a combination of consecutive full and partial terms, not to exceed five (5) years; a two (2)- year break in service is required to be nominated to serve again in the same capacity.

    Nominees for union office may not have been convicted or have served any part of a prison term resulting from a conviction for robbery, bribery, extortion, embezzlement, grand larceny, burglary, arson, violation of narcotics laws, murder, rape, assault with intent to kill, assault which inflicts grievous bodily injury, or a violation of the LMRDA Title II or III, including any felony involving abuse or misuse of such person’s position of employment in a labor organization or employee benefit plan to seek or obtain an illegal gain, or conspiracy to commit any such crimes or attempt to commit any such crimes during the previous thirteen (13) years, according to the Labor-Management Reporting and Disclosure Act of 1959, Title V, section 504.



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