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  • Election Results
    Updated On: Nov 06, 2019

    Good afternoon NEASO,

    The ballots have been counted and the results are as follows:

    NEA HQ Results – 164 Total Ballots were cast

    NEASO Vice President (HQ):

    • Jessica Brinkley – 152 votes

    NEASO Secretary:

    • Christine Guevara – 148 votes (173 total votes HQ + MB)

    NEASO Director (HQ):

    • Jenny Yang – 130 votes
    • Nzinga Damali-Cathie – 126 votes
    • Jay Hunter – 125 votes
    • Erika Taylor – 114 votes
    • Lisa Connor – 103 votes**
    • Darrius Green – 95 votes

    NEASO MB Results – 32 Total Ballots were cast

    NEASO Vice President (MB):

    • Guy Kendall Freas – 31 votes

    NEASO Secretary

    • Christine Guevara – 25 votes (173 total votes MB + HQ)

    NEASO Director (MB):

    • Marian Solomon – 27 votes

    Candidates who have been elected to their respective offices are noted in blue.

    **There were five NEASO Director (HQ) seats available, (4) two-year terms and (1) one-year partial term.  Per Article XIII. Section 4-b of our Constitution.

    “Nominees for the Board of Directors and NSO Representative Assembly delegates who receive a plurality of votes cast shall be declared elected. If one or more of the positions for the Board of Directors are for one-year vacancies, the candidate or candidates elected with the smallest plurality will fill those vacancies.”

    Therefore in accordance with this provision and per the results of this election, Lisa Connor will fill the one-year partial term as NEASO Director (HQ).  Jenny Yang, Nzinga Damali-Cathie, Jay Hunter and Erika Taylor have each been elected to two-year terms as NEASO Directors (HQ).

    On behalf of the Elections Committee, I would like to than each candidate who ran in this election and congratulate all the winners.  Additionally, I would like to thank each of the members who voted. Lastly, I would like to thank each of the members of the Elections Committee both at HQ and MB for your contributions in facilitating our election.  This would not have been possible without you.  If you did not cast a ballot in today’s election, please endeavor to participate in the next election.

    In Solidarity!

    Christopher Thomas
    Chair, NEASO Elections Committee


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